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Scizer is the latest technology in fighting localized fat and defining body contour. Provides an effect similar to liposuction but without the inconveniences of surgery. It is a technology designed to eliminate adipocytes in the subcutaneous layer of fat through a thermal and cutaneous action of non-invasive high-intensity macro-focused ultrasound. The adipocytes suffer a necrosis that results in natural cell debris which is later eliminated by the lymphatic system. Scizer also acts superficially on the dermis, stimulating through thermal increase the production of collagen fibers and decreasing sagging.

This equipment has also a cooling system that provides anesthetic effect, promoting greater comfort in the treatment. Results are visible since the first session and are cumulative. The treatment has no recovery or down time, allowing to carry on immediately with the usual daily routine. We recommend multiple sessions for best results.


Abdomen: € 350

Flanks: € 350

Arms: € 300

Inner thigh: € 300

Hind thigh: € 350

Side thigh: € 300